Who we are

Software developers, digital artists, nerds

We love challenges and we love to develop with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Our business expands in various sectors: e-commerce, interfaces, APP, platforms, AI, IoT. We accompany our customers, nationally and internationally, in the digital age.

We are a young team, but the results achieved make us proud and always stimulated to improve.

We want to build well-finished and reliable products that satisfy both our customers and us.

We are a team of specialized developers, we love creating software and solving real world problems with code, but we take care and attention in every project both in software development and in always being a reference available and available for our customers.

For this reason, we actively engage in the realization of projects even after the delivery or go-live, to contribute to the constant improvement of our customers’ activity by providing support, ideas and offering development and control tools.

We invest our resources to create software and applications that achieve the results, easy to use and to maintain for the customers.

_The 426 team

Specialized developers,
but also a close-knit team

Our great resource is our wonderful team. Each member works hard to make the best of any idea, always in contact with our customers.

_Our Milestones


customers with our Cloud service


realized interfaces, live and monitored with Yub Connect


countries where our clients and partners are


of our plugins downloaded


realized plugins


e-commerce customers

Milestones we can be proud of

  • In 2020 the shop pursuedtirol.com came first in ranking in the category "Gastronomie" of the German Institute for Quality and Finance
  • Silver- and Bronze - Certifications for our Shopware Plug-ins
  • First in Italy in the year 2014 for the development of an App for Dentists using Google Glass
  • First price on the conference for "distributed Multimedia Systems" in Miami - 2012
  • Xamarin Developer-Certification for iOS and Android
  • We are multi-lingual: DE, IT, EN, but also PHP, C#, Swift, Java...

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