426 is a specialized team of DEVELOPERS. We CODE, share knowledge, and work with hundreds of technologies, to provide and deliver always the most modern and optimized solutions at the cutting edge of development techniques. We aim to keep trying something new with every project and are constantly updating our skill set to keep up with the latest trends. We add new features every week to our existing knowledge base meaning our customers get new tools and new ideas as they emerge around the web. We offer more than outstanding “design and build”; we help clients build desire, shape brands and drive businesses.
We value creativity, performance and superb user experience.

How we do IT

Whether e-commerce, web portal, CRM, ERP, app, web app, mobile website or hybrid solutions, we handle projects from concept to successful publication. We are experts in all web and mobile technology sectors and offer integrations for all environments, such as the classic E-Commerce – ERP.

Prototypes are our daily bread. Google Glass and ChromeCast in the past are just examples of it. We developed solutions for home automation and Touchless.

We make sure customers feel always supported having a contact who will care for their concerns and coordinating the project step by step. We place great value on long-term customer relationships, so we work in all areas transparent - personal contact with our customers is mandatory for us.

Services we offer

  • IoT Interfaces

    Today, interfacing software systems is a subject that is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the experience gained in these years 426 offers today a solid know-how in creating synergy between e-commerce, ERP, payment provider, to other sales channels (such as Amazon and ebay), up to the integration with mobile devices or software specific.

  • Tailor-made Software

    We tailor-made every type of software to your need, taking care of all aspects of your project: analysis, project management, development, implementation, training, support… We also analyze, maintain and elaborate existing applications, developed by third parties, evolving things without reinventing the wheel.

  • Websites & E-Commerce

    We master all mayor e-commerce platforms, and use the latest technology available, delivering the optimal solution for our clients needs and provide long term business fulfilment. We apply our expert multi-skilled techniques and deliver bespoke tailor-made solutions to individual brand needs.

  • ERP & CRM integration

    We integrate and aggregate data from different sources, enabling a 1 point of View centralized system to manage real time leads, sales activity & better scrutinize your sales pipeline. With enterprise resource platforms like OpenERP you can manage all your business operations – from supply chain and project management, to accounting and HR.

  • Android, iOS & WinPhone Apps

    426 has mastered the art of App development, making us a front-runner in the marketplace. With our efficient and creative development process, our team is able to consistently produce intuitive and polished web and mobile applications that offer an exceptional user experience time after time.

  • Cloud Computing Consulting

    Based on in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements, 426 cloud consulting can help you develop and execute a customized, holistic strategy to use cloud to drive not just savings, but revenue and growth.