We are professional in app development, for Android, iOS or cross-platform

Intuitive, modern and multi-platform mobile applications. An exceptional and lasting user experience.

Our team is able to develop native apps written with the platform language they are used on (like Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android), as well as Hybrid apps that are typically written in a cross-platform language (Xamarin). The advantages associated with the latter are manifold, as they save time and consequently lead to reduced costs for the construction.

One of the strengths of the 426 team is multi-level development. We always anticipate a thorough analysis of requirements and propose our customers the best suited reference market. After the various stages of development, including the private publishing for beta testers and the administration of all required assets, we will arrive at the time of publication of the app.


The app development that best suits your needs: cross-platform for fast and cost-effective implementation, native for maximum device performance.


Full connection to any interface: public web services, feeds or API of your company or store.


Configure the app stores, adapt the app to always follow the specifications and have the assets needed.