Optimising the conversion rate and infrastructure of the e-commerce presence

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Optimising the conversion rate and infrastructure of the e-commerce presence

Dynafit began manufacturing high-quality ski boots in the 1950s and experienced a real boom in the 1960s when the legendary Franz Klammer wore them in his competitions. The exceptional brand belongs to the Oberalp Group and offers a wide range of quality skiwear. Speed, lightness, technology and resistance – these are the principles that shape the company’s daily work and are central to the production of its sports products. – Products that are specially designed to meet the needs of people who live for breathtaking mountain and nature adventures. As the technical partner of the Oberalp Group, we are responsible for the ongoing development and support of Dynafit’s entire e-commerce presence. In 2020, we started with the redesign of the product pages and the check-out. But not only that.

We optimised the conversion rate using a variety of crossovers through specific implementations on Google Analytics, product registration and other pop-ups that are essential for marketing campaigns. Then we developed a new infrastructure as a foundation for brand initiatives, making it easy to create landing pages, specific packages and other useful areas to support various product launches. Among other improvements, we enhanced the service for obtaining product warranties: new features were added to the eyewear range launch page. We also took care of testing and training for the proper management of the platform.


We helped Dynafit reach the next level by optimising the conversion rate.

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