The Feines family company from Lana (BZ) has created a small eco-sustainable world first offline in a shop, then online. For this reason, in 2016 they turned to us with the intention of creating a simple but functional e-Commerce. In addition to the Shop on Shopware 5, over the years we have developed several tailor-made Plugins and connected a management interface. Not only has the shop developed over time, but the company has also grown hand in hand. The high quality natural products for adults and children, the passion and competence of the Feines team, an engaging visual storytelling and having believed and invested in the digital sector, have meant that Feines is growing exponentially at national level today, but also in German-speaking countries.

In 2020 we managed to increase the organic traffic of feines.it by 196% compared to the previous year.

The search engine optimization “SEO”, led by digital Marine, involved our 426 crew in the technical sector (also called “technical SEO”). In 2020 we managed to increase the organic traffic of the online store to 196% compared to the previous year. With it, orders also increased and a new “Little Nature Dreams” shop was born. We continue to follow Feines and we are responsible for maintenance and technical development, we manage the virtual server (Cloud) and the management interface.
It is e-Commerce like Feines that fill the hearts of those who create them, not only for the amazing digital journey undertaken together, but also for the ecological footprint they leave on this planet.


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