Founded in 1900, the Kaltern Winery is located in the village of the same name in South Tyrol, the best-known wine-growing town in the region. Kaltern (in Italian “Caldaro”) is one of the South Tyrolean municipalities with the largest vineyard area, 750 hectares. Cantina Kaltern, which produces 3.5 million bottles a year, boasts multiple awards from Gambero Rosso, Falstaff and Wine Advocate.
An established company with ambitious projects: to strengthen and expand the technical features of the existing eCommerce and to develop a new B2B shop to optimize internal processes. Projects that we took on in 2020, becoming the new technical partner of the company.

Speed, efficiency and competence in the technical sector are the required characteristics.

We who love technology missions, to bring our customers’ projects into orbit, adopt an agile method (widespread in technology companies), to remain efficient during all stages of our digital journey.
Our developers deal with the digitization of Cantina Kaltern’s processes, the technical optimization of the shop, the development of the logic, the creation of the B2B shop and the management of the virtual server.
If, as they say – “the good cellar makes good wine”, we on our side can add the good code.


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Kellerei Kaltern


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